Background checks.

Safety above all.

The customers will know which Wizards have passed the optional background check.

24 Hour Help

We keep an eye on things 24/7.

Unexpected issues can happen to anyone, and we standby for assistance on our non-stop hotline.

Safe payments.

Be in complete control of your money.

We use PayPal to intermediate all payments to the Wizards

Make your own hours.

We believe in being your own boss.

Therefore, our Wizards will setup their own work hours.


Competition is the best incentive!

The Wizards can choose their own hourly rates, based on their experience and the local demand.

Customer Reviews

Customers know best.

Our money back guarantee policy and review-based system will ensure our clients get the best service. Everytime.

“I needed a technician to come over and look at all the passwords for the various accounts and sort it out. TechWiz connected me with a local MIT student who came over to my house that very afternoon and fixed everything for me. He was very professional and patiently explained to me what the issue was. I will definitely be using this website again, since it’s the easiest way I can get help with those pesky little tech problems."

Susan, 45, Professor

We have no idea who she is.

This guy definitely didn't say that.

“I had been helping friends and family with small tech issues for years, but I never thought I could make money out of it, especially while being a full-time student. TechWiz made it super simple to do small tech jobs in my city. This year I made enough money for a new laptop!"

Matthew, 21, College Student